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Jessi, Portland, OR
I used my GE Caulk SIngles to touch up some cracks and separations between the ceiling and moldings in my living room, bedroom, and kitchen. It was so easy! I've always been nervous and unwilling to work with caulking myself but this product was so tempting that I thought I would give it a whirl. I am so glad that I did! Now the cracks are gone and the rooms look great! I had no mess to clean up, no leftover caulk drying out in my basement and no caulking gun to wrangle with. This was so easy peasy I wish this product had been around years ago! I feel like now I can tackle any caulking job I need to myself because of these singles. It's not only good for the DIY'er but it's good for the environment too! No more having to buy more caulk that you'll never use and have it dry out until it's finally you can buy just what you need and no more! I love it! I'm almost sad that I don't have any more caulking to do now...almost.

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