Frequently Asked Questions

What are Caulk Singles?

Single-use, disposable packages of caulk. Caulk Singles will put an end to hard-to-use squeeze tubes of caulk that leave your hands aching and your work area a mess. Thanks to ingeniously engineered packaging, Caulk Singles packs dispense effortlessly with one hand, require no tools, and leave essentially no waste.

What are the benefits of Caulk Singles?

Caulk Singles are compact and perfectly portioned for any job, making it easier to dispense the caulk with one hand. These hand-held packs are easy to use, convenient, and disposable—eliminating waste and storage.

Why is the design so innovative?

The packaging is ingeniously engineered with geometric bellows and other hidden mechanisms that:

  • Make it easier to dispense the caulk with one hand, eliminating the need for a caulk gun or excess tools
  • Eliminate or reduce unnecessary waste by evenly dispensing the caulk from the back of the package to the front
  • Help create a neat, even bead of caulk despite changes in pressure
  • Minimize clean-up and dry time

What inspired the new design?

The challenges of cumbersome caulk guns and hard-to-squeeze tubes inspired a need to improve on the entire caulking experience. Caulk Singles make caulking quick, convenient, and effortless for the average homeowner.

How do you use Caulk Singles?

Just tear open the package, squeeze a bead of caulk, and toss the empty package. Caulking is finally that simple.

What varieties are available?

Caulk Singles are available in paintable acrylic or waterproof silicone. Purchase the right amount for each job to eliminate excess waste. One pack is perfect for small jobs, such as sinks, fixtures, and touchups. Medium jobs, such as tubs and windows, require two packs. You’ll need three packs for large jobs, such as doors and big windows. For painting tasks, purchase the amount you need for the area of your project.

Who should use Caulk Singles?

Caulk Singles are the perfect product for busy homeowners who want to beautify and maintain their homes. They also are appealing for professionals; their small size and ingenious packaging make them ideal for small tasks, quick jobs, and hard-to-reach spaces.

How will Caulk Singles impact the job of caulking my home?

Caulk Singles put an end to hard-to-use caulk guns and squeeze tubes that leave your arms aching and your work area a mess. Beautifying your home with caulk is finally simple and easy. Just tear the package open, squeeze a bead of caulk, and toss the empty package.

How are Caulk Singles different from caulk squeeze tubes?

Squeeze tubes can be difficult to use, making it hard to achieve a smooth finish. Caulk Singles make caulking jobs quick, effortless, and approachable. These ingeniously engineered packs help create a neat, even bead of caulk despite changes in pressure. Caulk Singles also are easier to dispense with one hand.

Where can I find Caulk Singles?

Caulk Singles will be available beginning in June 2008 at Lowe's®, ACE® Hardware, and True Value®.

Where can I use Caulk Singles around the house?

Caulk is essential to maintaining and beautifying your home. Try these single-use packs on sinks, bathtubs, crown molding, baseboards, windows—anywhere you need caulk. The aesthetic benefits caulk brings are sure to impress, and help improve resale value. Caulking helps extend the life of your home and helps protect your family from harmful mildew and mold. In addition, a home that's tightly sealed is more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool.

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